2 thoughts on “SharePoint Video Series 6 – SharePoint 2010 Site Templates.mp4

  1. Dear Yasir,
    Sorry for contacting you in this way. I have a problem in Sharepoint 2007. How can I contact you. +92-300-5040239. My index server returns no results for the same key word for all other users except for administrator. Please do guide

  2. Make sure that your Search Content Crawl account has read permissions on all the web applications.
    If the user does not have go to Web Application Policy page in Central administration and assign him Full Read Permissions.
    Go to Shared Service Provider and Click on Search Settings.
    Make sure that Content Sources are configured with Indexing Schedule with full Crawl and Incremental Crawl.
    If they are set then Run the full crawl. Once the full crawl is completed.
    Test the search again.

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