UCertify SharePoint 2010 Pro Exam 70-668 Prep kit

Couple of days back I received the full version of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Pro Exam 70-668 exam Kit from UCertify (http://www.ucertify.com/).  As most of you know that 70-668 Exam is considered difficult to pass as Exam is bit different than 70-667.  70-667 is configuration exams for Administrations but 70-668  Requires very good understanding of SharePoint 2010 Concepts like Upgrade and deployment.  The exam is built as Scenario Based where you have to read a Detailed scenario which is based on customer requirements.  Then there are questions on each scenario.  Based on my personal experience the study requires more efforts.

I found UCertify Kit very valuable to pass this exam.  First of all the exam objectives are mentioned very clearly.


There is a long list of Study notes that will help you prepare the exam step by step.


Each study note consists of the step to master it and try it and then


linked to any questions that are based on this note.  You can see below that a small description of SharePoint Variations has 6 Questions.


There are above 250 questions to prepare as well as flashcards so that you can write and record your personal experience of the course.


The Prep kit also contains good amount of How To’s that you can practice and learn.


You can see a flash card where I saw a question and replied according to my knowledge and then confirmed by watching the correct answer.


Please ignore my answer as I answered “What is Farm Topology rather than what is variation? Smile

The study helper keeps track of things that you have already studied and shows you the progress.


The best thing about a test question is that each question is linked to its objective.  Look at the example below if I don’t know the answer I can click the Learn button to read about this topic finish it and come back to answer.


Here is how you learn.


After you do the exam it gives you the result as well as the answer to all questions with explanation for your reference.


If you are planning to take 70-668 Exam I strongly recommend you to buy this Prepkit instead of using some dumps as it will make you an expert SharePoint Pro.  The idea of passing the exam only does not work in the real world.  If you prepare you can enjoy your work and earn good money as SharePoint Consultant/Admin or Developer.

For more information or discount please drop me an email at yasir dot attiq at gmail.com

An overview of uCertify

uCertify’s flagship product is our unique, smarter learning platform – the PrepEngine. It is an interactive, electronic learning platform that combines step-by-step, guided learning with realistic exam simulation for IT certification exams. Our mantra is “LEARN SMARTER, NOT HARDER”. This platform supports over hundreds of uCertify products reflecting this philosophy. We take pride in making our products easy to use, effective and fun. Learning is a big deal to us. We don’t just want to create software – we want to create software that rocks! We architect and build software that helps our customers learn the exam material so they really know their stuff! Our commitment to product quality, to our team and to our customers continues to differentiate us from our competition. A customer pass rate of over 98% over the past 15 years, backed by our industry leading 100% money back guarantee, is testimony to the quality of our products.

Learn, Get Certified, Earn More, The uCertify Way.

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