uCertify PrepKit – SharePoint Development Exam 70-573 TS

So many people ask me how to prepare for 70-573 TS SharePoint 2010 Development exam.  70-573 is a mixture of SharePoint 2010 skills around Object Model, Web Services, Dialog framework the new UI Components customization e.g Ribbon, Development Web Parts and navigation.  Not many people I see around me and working on customizing Ribbons and Navigation elements and most of the time they are working on developing custom applications on top of SharePoint using Object Model, Visual Web parts, Localization, Workflows, BDC and Client OM etc.  Because of this it becomes very hard for someone to prepare for SharePoint Exam that has so many things that one has never worked with. 

Another problem I see personally in my region is the use of Dumps and cheating which make you pass the exam but eventually fail you when you come for an interview after your put that you are a Senior SharePoint Developer bla bla bla  and you can answer any question about ribbon or client OM.  You have to study very hard to pass in SharePoint Development Exam so you take the shortcut which will result in getting nothing for your career.  some of you also face a problem that there is no straight forward way to find a study guide which can provide you a step by step preparation.  Although some of SharePoint Guru’s have posted links on their blogs but sometime they are not enough.  To make sure you are studying the things are covered by exam you need a tool.  I was in contact with a company name uCertify few months ago that specializes in Exam preparation development.  They sent me the preparation kit for 70-573 few weeks ago and my personal feedback is that if you are planning to take the exam it is the best thing to follow.

The first thing about the kit is the exam objective area.  I remember when I took the exam my self in June 2009 while it was a beta exam I have to visit the objective page many times and look various items carefully so that I do not miss any exam point.  The preparation kit is providing all these objectives and links to study material straight away.


The objective of the exam are written clearly that looks to all your study notes and stuff.  There are articles and links provided for any external study.


There are many Study notes that you can study for preparation of each topic.  See by yourself


Each Study note is linked to questions so you can study and take the questions quickly and check your knowledge about the subject.  I feel that this is the best way to study for a Technical Exam.


While you are studying the exam study helper is taking care of your progress. 


Clicking on Start will start a series of Study notes that you can read one by one and learn the quickly based on the percentage of coverage in the exam.


Now Let’s talk about Exam Question Preparation.  First of If you have good experience SharePoint 2010 and you are doing lot of Development I would strongly suggest you to take the diagnostic test.  This will give you an idea on where you stand with respect to preparation and you can then work on the areas you are not good.


Now if you take the diagnostic test you will find out are you ready or not.  Look and the Red Icon on the picture above.  Now take the full exam and see where you stand.  I quickly took couple of question in Diagnostics and check the result.


Now you see that I failed Smile I just answered one question.  Now if you have already finished the study then you can take all different kind of test to make sure that you are good enough to take the exam.  But what about my performance review.  no problem there is a third section called Track your progress that will make sure that you know what you are doing.


Now you can see where I stand in my test review Smile  Poor Dude right !


There is also a section for Objective Review that show the progress in Objectives according to exam.


I guess that’s more than enough.  If you are one looking to Learn SharePoint Development and not just pass the exam I strongly recommend you to buy this Kit from UCertify.

An overview of uCertify

uCertify’s flagship product is our unique, smarter learning platform – the PrepEngine. It is an interactive, electronic learning platform that combines step-by-step, guided learning with realistic exam simulation for IT certification exams. Our mantra is “LEARN SMARTER, NOT HARDER”. This platform supports over hundreds of uCertify products reflecting this philosophy. We take pride in making our products easy to use, effective and fun. Learning is a big deal to us. We don’t just want to create software – we want to create software that rocks! We architect and build software that helps our customers learn the exam material so they really know their stuff! Our commitment to product quality, to our team and to our customers continues to differentiate us from our competition. A customer pass rate of over 98% over the past 15 years, backed by our industry leading 100% money back guarantee, is testimony to the quality of our products.

Learn, Get Certified, Earn More, The uCertify Way.

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