Riyadh SharePoint User Group March 2012 Highlights

Thanks to all 50 of the great attendees of our March 2012 Public meeting.  It was a great experience.  My buddies Megren and Mostafa both worked very hard to arrange everything before I joined them.  According to the attendees the session where great and they learnt lot of things from them.  I was unable to take pictures but below are some I was able to do in the lunch and in the end.

RSUG March

Thanks to all those smiling faces.  You will ask me where AM I ? Actually "I am taking the picture!”

SharePoint MVP for Another Year

I have been awarded SharePoint Server MVP Award for 3rd Year in a Row. I would like to Thankmvp Microsoft for the award as well as Thank you very much to my family and friends to supported me in these 3 years.  Thanks to all the community members who spend their weekends with us and Share their ideas and thoughts.  I am sure nothing will change and we will continue to provide you information about SharePoint.