Managed Metadata Service Application – The Default Term Store for this site cannot be identified.

One of the common issues that you face if you try to create a Managed Metadata Service application manually from Manage Service Application.  Although creating it manually is no different than creating it using Farm configuration wizard but Farm configuration Wizard does something that we did not get done automatically.

Amazingly the behavior is same in SharePoint 2013 as well.  If you try to use Managed Metadata Column or Create Term Set from Site Collection and try to put Terms you receive the following error.

"The default term store for this site cannot be identified."

Follow this step if you want to reproduce this.

Click on Document or Go to Shared Documents in SharePoint 2010 Team Site.

Click on Library Ribbon and Choose Create Column

Enter RequestTypes as Title and Choose Managed Metadata Column
You can select an existing term set from Term Store or click Customize your Term set that will make the terms not visible in the Enterprise keywords in the Term Store but term set will still be available at Term Store Level.

Let’s Fix it.

Go to Central Administration à Manage Service Application à Now Select the Row of Manage Metadata Service Application Proxy and click Properties

Now the Option Dialog will appear

You have to choose the 2nd Option.

Now Go back to Library and Close the Create Column Dialog and Try to create the Column Again.

Now Click on Edit Using Term Set Manager
Click OK. You will see that Create Button of the Create Column Dialog is pressed behind the scene and now a dialog is open that will allow you to add Request Types. The dialog was bit different in 2007 as it was a small Windows Type Dialog but here in 2013 it is more like Term Set Editor.
Now Let’s add few Terms
Now Close the Dialog

now Let’s edit properties of one of document in library



You can also select by typing the first character. To see all Click the Icon next to Request Types Text Box.

Now you can select Existing or event add a new Request Type



Simply click on Add New Item and then go on and add few. You can only select 1 because column settings does not allow multiple selection. 2010 UI for this screen was pretty confusing and Add new Item Link was hard to notice but now its pretty clear J

Here is what it will look like when you

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