SharePoint 2013 Newsfeeds not working – Microsoft.Office.Server.Microfeed.MicrofeedException

I’m not able to fix following error using MySites Newsfeed:

SharePoint returned the following error: The operation failed because the server could not access the distributed cache. Internal type name: Microsoft.Office.Server.Microfeed.MicrofeedException. Internal error code: 55. Contact your system administrator for help in resolving this problem.

Farm details:

SP Server 2013


Farm consists of 7 server, Distributed Cache is UP (Use-CacheCluster and Get-CacheHost returns UP status). Search is running, UPS is running and sync with AD works.

5 WFE + 2 App Servers

Distributed Cache running on 5 Servers other than App.

Distributed Cache service account is assigned Full Controll to UPS service and MySite DB and is in Local Admins Group.

I also run Update-SPRepopulateMicroblogLMTCache without any error, tried to restart cache cluster, everything I was able to find on the Net.

I solved this problem few days ago.  Here are the steps I following.

  1. Remove all servers from Distributed Cache Cluster. 
  2. Add the Servers back to Cluster and check the cluster status to see if all servers are UP.
  3. Remove All Users from permission age from UPA on manage service application page.  UPA will break.
  4. Add UPA Admin Users again using PowerShell script available on the
  5. Close the browsers and try to create some entries for newsfeed.
  6. You might have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes to feed timer job to kick off.

This will probably fix News Feeds.