Configure PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 – Part 1

Installation of PowerPivot is 2 step process. First we have to enable PowerPivot mode in SQL Server 2012. We need to setup a new database instance with PowerPivot. It will also enable Analysis services as SharePoint Integrate Mode.

Step 1 – Install PowerPivot in SQL Server 2012

Click New SQL server standalone or add features

Click OK

Wait to download the updates or Uncheck the checkbox to continue

Click Next

Click OK if you don’t have any issue

Click Perform a new Installation of SQL Server 2012

Provide Key

Accept : Next

Select SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint

Click Next

Click Next

Change Instance ID if you want or click Next

Click Next

Provide SQL Analysis Service Account and password

Click Add Current User and click Next.

I choose Mixed Mode for my installation and it is not required.

Click Add Current User to add it as administrator in SQL Analysis services.


Click Next

Review the installation and click Install.

Give it couple of minutes.

End of Part 1.

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