How to fix “SharePointDiagnostics” event ID 2

I tried to view health reports and got the error. After some ULS review I was able to resolve it fairly easily.

Event ID 2:Session “SharePointDiagnostics” failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000035

Note: It is allowed to customize the schema of Usage Database.

Central administration à Monitoring à View Health Reports à Click Go

Fix Procedure

  1. Login to SQL Server à Connect to SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Expand Databases
  3. Expand XX_Usage
    à Programmability à Stored Procedures

Find proc_GetSlowestPages stored procedure and commenting out the WITH (READPAST) line.

  1. Comment Out WITH (READPAST) (Just two dashes)

  1. Click Execute. Messages window will show command completed successfully.
  2. Close SQL Server management Studio.
  3. Go back to Health Reports and refresh the page.
  4. Click Go

Issue is now fixed J