Windows Azure – Exam preperation Links 70-533, 70-532 – Part 2

How to move Windows Azure Virtual Machines from one Subscription to another


How to convert exist Block Blob to PageBlob

How to change the content type of Windows Azure blob storage

How to use Blob Storage from .NET

Password hash synchronization for Azure AD stops working and event ID 611 is logged

How to troubleshoot password synchronization when using the Azure Active Directory Sync



Adding, Updating, and Removing an Application

How to Deploy Azure WebJobs to Azure Websites

ASP.NET MVC With Google OpenID and OAuth 2.0
Azure AD integration with Google Apps

Refresh Tokens for Multiple Resources

Service to Service Calls Using Client Credentials

How to: Use the Import and Export Service in Azure SQL Database

Copying Databases in Azure SQL Database

Backing Up Your SQL Azure Database Using Database Copy


How to: Use the Import and Export Service in Azure SQL Database

Using Windows Azure Page Blobs and How to Efficiently Upload and Download Page Blobs


Uploading and Downloading VHDs to Windows Azure


Azure SQL Database Standard Geo-Replication

Shared Access Signatures, Part 2: Create and Use a SAS with the Blob Service


Create and Use a Shared Access Signature

How Can I Reserve an IP address in Microsoft Azure?

How to Assign a Private Static IP to an Azure VM


Azure Service Definition Schema (.csdef File)

WorkerRole Schema

WebRole Schema


Configure a Multi-Site VPN

Configure a Site-to-Site VPN in the Management Portal

How to connect your on-premise network to Windows Azure using Windows Server as a VPN



Site-to-Azure VPN using Windows Server 2012 RRAS

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