Assign Availability Set to Existing Azure Virtual Machines

Import-AzurePublishSettingsFile 'D:\Windows Azure MSDN - Visual Studio Ultimate-12-2-2014-credentials.publishsettings'
Set-AzureSubscription -SubscriptionName "Windows Azure MSDN - Visual Studio Ultimate"

$VMHQServer1 = Get-AzureVM -Name HQServer1 -ServiceName "HQServer1"
$VMHQServer1 | Set-AzureAvailabilitySet -AvailabilitySetName WestAvailabilitySet | Update-AzureVM

$VMBranchServer1 = Get-AzureVM -Name BranchServer1 -ServiceName "BranchServer1"
$VMBranchServer1 | Set-AzureAvailabilitySet -AvailabilitySetName WestAvailabilitySet | Update-AzureVM

Get-AzureVM | Select Name, AvailabilitySetName, DNSName

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