Windows Azure – Exam preperation Links 70-533, 70-532 – Part 4

Staged Deployment on Microsoft Azure Websites


Azure Web Sites – Continuous Deployment with Staged Publishing

Azure Powershell Script to list Sites / Staging / Deployment Slots for Web Hosting Plans

Azure Websites Web Hosting Plans In-Depth Overview

Changing Azure Hosting Plans with PowerShell

Creating Azure Web Site using PowerShell

$WebSiteTitle = "TestWebSiteJY"
$Location = "East US"
New-AzureWebsite -Location $Location -Name $WebSiteTitle -
$WebSiteTitle = "azuretestjy123(staging)"
$WebSite = Get-AzureWebSite -Name $WebSiteTitle
$WebSite | Select Name, NetFrameworkVersion, AppSettings

#Adding App Setting to Azure Web Site Staging Slot
$CustomerAppSetting = @{"SiteUrl"=""}
Set-AzureWebsite $WebSiteTitle -AppSettings $CustomerAppSetting
Restart-AzureWebsite $WebSiteTitle

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