Starting Silverlight Development with Samples

I was never a Silverlight Developer but after spending some time on SharePoint 2010 and watching the SL Dialogs all way around I decided to play with it for a moment. I never knew how SL Works. Just saw couple of vidoes and some SharePoint Sessions talks on Silverlight and SharePoint Integration that also shows SharePoint Client OM. So After spending some time on Hello Worlds I search on SL Toolkit and I am so happy that I found this link. When you see a running examples of the controls it is so easy to start development. The Link to the sample is given below. some of you are already experts so dont feel tough on me. I am just a begginer.

but I have completed web part that displays pending tasks to users which prooved quite handy in my situation as I was able to develop it in just 2 days. I will try to post the code soon.

I must say that Silverlight is simply “AWSOME”.